Hey all, we recently announced the first release o...
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Hey all, we recently announced the first release of Open MLOps - an open source production machine learning framework that uses Prefect. ā€¢ GitHub: https://github.com/datarevenue-berlin/OpenMLOps ā€¢ Blog announcement: https://datarevenue.com/en-blog/open-mlops-open-source-production-machine-learning TL;DR - it is a set of terraform scripts that sets up Prefect and a bunch of other tools on Kubernetes (currently focusing on EKS / AWS, but should work on others too) as well a set of basic guides and tutorials to get it up and running and build and deploy a basic ML model. Let me know if you try it out šŸ™‚
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That great. Thank you for sharing. We are building the same stack on our side with Marquez as well for data lineage even it is not native in perfect today
@Berty Pribilovics nice?
Thanks for sharing!