We might be a little bit crazy, but we’re doing so...
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We might be a little bit crazy, but we’re doing some business process management using Prefect. Here’s a 20 min presentation about how we integrated Prefect with our Developer Portal at Box (much more talking about the usecase than Prefect itself, but still I think it’s worth sharing 🙂):


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Love to see it, and love to see Backstage too! Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for sharing @Jarek Lukow. We're very excited to see how this project develops. Good luck driving adoption!
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This is really neat! How did you handle the tasks that require a human action in Prefect?
any plans to release the plugin?
@Oliver Mannion we use only external systems for human-based tasks, this is Jira (changing ticket states) and GitHub (approving Pull Requests). In Prefect we just poll for the external system state by raising a Pause signal https://docs.prefect.io/api/latest/engine/signals.html#pause
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@Tom Klein no plans yet, but there is some chance that we can just share the code for people interested (not a proper “plugin release”)
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