Chris White

02/04/2020, 4:57 PM
Hi <!channel> - we’d like to welcome you all as Prefect’s very first Launch Partners! If we haven’t already told you, we truly appreciate all of the questions and feedback you provide us, as well as the support you offer to each other! As a token of our appreciation, we have gone ahead and whitelisted all of you for Prefect Cloud access where you can choose between various tiers of service (including our completely free Scheduler tier). As we prepare for a fully public launch in the near future, we wanted to give you all early access (with discounted pricing if you choose to upgrade). If you haven’t already received an email, you can still head over to and click “Sign up” to create your Auth0 user and login! (Note that you’ll need to use the email address you use for Slack). As always, we appreciate your continued feedback and support - thank you for being our very first Prefect Launch Partners!
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