Hello <!here> — Prefect Cloud launched to the publ...
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Hello <!here> — Prefect Cloud launched to the public a few minutes ago! We absolutely would not be in a position to launch such a rock-solid product without the support, feedback, and comments from all of you in the Prefect community. This is also one of the first times we’ve been able to publicly discuss the hybrid model that many of you have gotten to know so well. And this is just the beginning! Now that we’ve got the foundation in place, you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we’re able to build on top of it. As part of the initial Cloud rollout, we’ll begin publishing a roadmap and soliciting your thoughts on where we should focus our efforts most. Thank you as always for your guidance. We’re excited to be part of your data team. — All of us at Prefect https://twitter.com/PrefectIO/status/1226930659823931394?s=20
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