We've been working on some exciting :prefect: upda...
# announcements
We've been working on some exciting P updates that we're looking forward to announcing 🔜. In the meantime, our team and community members have squashed 🐛 and made incremental enhancements in last week's 0.15.5 Release. Here are some highlights: • Python 3.9 support is stabilizing and we are now publishing Docker images e.g.
. • While registering very large flows, it was possible to see timeouts or incomplete registration. Now, flow edges and tasks are registered in batches allowing for much larger flows. • Agentless flow runs now receive the environment variables of the process that starts them; this makes agentless runs easier to use in production. •
support has been added to
prefect run
prefect run
will now ignore schedules on local flow runs by default and only a single run will be performed. A
flag was added if you’d like the command to go forever and run the flow on a schedule. • Several task library improvements have been made, including a new
task, improved logging in the AWS
task, improved runtime handling for MySQL Tasks, and updated authentication for the
task. • Log limits have been updated to reduce errors when many large logs are sent. Note that this release includes several breaking changes: • In a secure-by-default effort, services run by the
prefect server
cli now listen to localhost by default and are not accessible from other machines; use
to allow connections from a remote location. • Prefect Server will need to be upgraded to version
before flows can be registered from this version of Core. Special thanks to Deepyaman Datta, Henri Hannetel, Johnny Tirado, @Kathryn Klarich, @Tenzin Choedak, and Vincent Xue for contributing to this release 🙏!
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