Hiro Rodriguez

03/16/2021, 1:25 PM
Hi everyone! 👋 As some of you know, for the last 2+ months we’ve been piloting a new pricing model for Prefect Cloud and we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful reception by the community. Many of you have already explored this new way to join Prefect Cloud, through our expanded free tier. With feedback from community members, four ideas became central to what we call “success-based pricing”: 👍 Pay only for what you need   A generous free tier that includes 10,000 free runs every month (enough to power the majority of small business ETL use cases)  📉 Automatic volume discounts based on your usage  🚀 Committed usage plans for those looking for even deeper discounts or predictable pricing What makes it “success-based”? Pricing is based only on the number of successful task runs processed. We never charge for retries, failures, or even successful tasks that take less than a second to run. And we heard your feedback: all plans come with unlimited concurrency! Whether you’re on a free plan or an enterprise user, we want to make sure that Prefect Cloud is accessible to all in an aligned way. This simple, success-based pricing is available for all new users today, and existing users can choose to upgrade to a free plan from your team settings. Happy Engineering!
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David Abraham

03/16/2021, 3:19 PM
If you'd like to learn more, email or you can ping me directly. Cheers!
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