Jim Crist-Harif

02/10/2021, 4:57 PM
Prefect 0.14.7 has been released šŸš€ Highlights!: ā€¢ Expanded support for docker networks within the Docker agent ā€¢ Simplified the use of Secrets with `GitHub`/`Bitbucket`/`GitLab` storage classes ā€¢ Added new
storage class, for referencing flows importable from a Python module ā€¢ New tasks for working with Exasol Big thanks to all our community members who contributed this week šŸ‘šŸ‘: ā€¢ Alex P. ā€¢ Marwan S. ā€¢ Peter Roelants ā€¢ Timo S. The full release notes can be found here:
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