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🚀 marvin duck marvin We have Liftoff! Today we’re announcing Prefect’s Liftoff initiative - a huge series of announcements that will greatly advance our product. All of this is thanks to the incredible growth and enthusiasm of this community. Though we confess that sometimes it’s a challenge for our small team to keep up with all of you (😅) we are committed to giving everyone here a first-class and positive experience and a large part of Liftoff is aimed at ensuring we are able to do so. Here are a few of the items we’re previewing today: • Prefect’s Series A financing • Our product vision for a modern workflow API • Success-based pricing for Prefect Cloud • Partnerships with Microsoft, Slate, and Coiled • Three new community programs: Prefect for Academia, Prefect for Startups, and Prefect for Nonprofits One very important thing that we’ll announce soon: a new referral program that will let us give back to this community to properly thank our product ambassadors. As always, we appreciate your excitement and are grateful for your interest. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for full details on each of our Liftoff announcements. Happy engineering!
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