Chris White

12/17/2020, 5:19 PM
Hello folks - the much anticipated Prefect 0.14.0 is finally here! Along with a host of performance improvements and enhancements, the headline feature is our move to `RunConfig`s for flow run configuration. We hope these changes will make it that much easier for you to configure your flow run execution, or use 0.14.0's even-more-sensible defaults! Shoutout to our early adopters that helped us work through the interface and early design. To help users understand these changes, what they help you achieve, and how to migrate from old-style environments, we have a number of resources for you: • @Jim Crist-Harif wrote up an excellent blog post on the motivation for these changes and how you can get started using them today • Our docs now contain a new and improved overview of our new flow configuration system and a migration guide for users with more intricate setups • and last but certainly not least, join @Laura Lorenz for a

Friday Prefect livestream focused entirely on 0.14.0

! To stay up-to-date with Laura’s event calendar, check us out on Thanks to everyone for your feedback and engagement, and thanks to all of our contributors and active community members that help each other out, whether by responding in Slack or contributing code and documentation fixes!!
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