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Chris White

10/05/2021, 4:42 PM
Hello everyone <!here>! I'm extremely excited to finally share what we've been working on the last few months: Prefect Orion, our second generation workflow orchestration tool. If you've ever asked about dynamic tasks, subflows, self-hosting Server without Docker, or almost any other common question over the last few years, the chances are you'll find the solution with Orion.  So much of what we sought to achieve was driven by this community's questions and feedback, and I can't emphasize enough how great it's been to collaborate with you all! Now that this is live, please peruse the docs, test out the initial alpha release and give us feedback!  We want you all to be as excited as we are for the possibilities here and help us shape Orion's near term roadmap. To get started: • read about the vision of Orion directly from @Jeremiah: • begin building and testing your new workflows with our revamped documentation:
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