Here's something to celebrate at the happy hour: ...
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Here's something to celebrate at the happy hour: A new release of Orion, Prefect's second-generation workflow engine, just dropped 👏 ! The highlight of this release is Executors, key building blocks that enable you to execute code in parallel, on other machines, or with other engines: Dask executor Orion first shipped with a Dask dask executor that could run simple, local clusters. This release marks feature parity with the existing Core Dask executor. You can create customizable temporary clusters and connect to existing Dask clusters. Additionally, because flows are not statically registered, we're able to easily expose Dask annotations, which allow you to specify fine-grained controls over the scheduling of your tasks within Dask. Subflow executors Subflow runs are a first-class concept 💪 in Orion. Subflow runs can have different executors than their parent flow run, which enables new execution patterns. Check out our multiple executor documentation for an example. Fixes & improvements * Updates to database engine disposal to support large, ephemeral server flow runs * Improvements and additions to the
command-line interfaces * Clarification of existing documentation and additional new documentation * Fixes for database creation and startup issues Learn more in the latest release notes.
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