Hey there Prefectionists :prefect: After you join ...
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Hey there Prefectionists P After you join the great expectations community call, make sure to check out some of the other live content available over the next 2 weeks! For livestreams, you can also always check out the Prefect events page. ā€¢ Wednesday 3/30 at 3p Eastern, @Jamie Zieziula will be the guest on PrefectLive. She will be showing off the brand new Terraform module that allows for easy deployment of Prefect's Docker image on EC2 (blog here). ā€¢ Wednesday 4/6 we have TWO great events ā—¦ @Laura Lorenz is back! She'll be livestreaming at 12:30p Eastern, and covering how someone could promote dev workflows to prod workflows using the concepts of
work queues
. Register here! ā—¦ At 3pm Eastern, Club club42 member @Henning Holgersen will be on PrefectLive showing off how he uses P to keep Docker images up-to-date.
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