Chris Reuter

04/25/2022, 1:00 PM
👋 Hi all! Two events this week that will be really interesting and worth your time: • Prefect's own @Tyler Wanner will be taking us through a Prefect 2 😛refect2: deployment on Kubernetes :kubernetes-party: in Prefect Cloud :cloud2:. Plus! We also have entertainment - a local DC-based DJ 🎧 will be kicking off the livestream. Join us on PrefectLive at 3p Eastern on Wednesday 4/27! • The Cantina is BACK - 😛refect: Core Cantina is now 😛refect: Community Cantina 🍺. Join the Prefect Product team and the rest of the open source community as we chat about the roadmap, highlight PRs and contributions, and take questions & feedback. The first edition of Community Cantina is Thursday 4/28 at 3p Eastern! You can register and join here.
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