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# announcements
👋 Hi everyone! We’re super excited to announce that we have launched a P Discourse forum! You can sign up using the link discourse.prefect.io. Discourse makes many things easier for you than Slack can: • it’s easier to find relevant information through tags, categories, and a global search bar, • easier embedding of screenshots and code blocks from GitHub for troubleshooting, • syntax highlighting when you share code blocks with us (including logs), which makes discussing code that much easier, • easier quoting and cross-linking of topics and external resources, • much better categorization of content and support questions bringing more structure for everyone involved, • Google-searchable content, allowing you (in the near future) to google any question about Prefect and find a relevant Discourse topic with a solution to your issue, • and many more. You can think of Discourse as a knowledge base we can grow together as a community. Prefect Discourse is a great place to: • ask technical questions, • find the information you need when you need it, • get notified about the latest posts related to your favorite Prefect features and integrations, • learn more about Prefect and Orion, • find tutorials and code examples, • share solutions and tricks about using Prefect. To find out more about Discourse, check out this Getting Started with Prefect Discourse guide. We encourage you to sign up and say hi through the welcome topic.👋 Important note: Discourse does NOT try to replace Slack! We love chatting with all of you, and we’d love to continue doing so using Slack! To prove it, we have integrated a Discourse Slack app that allows us to transcribe any Slack discussion into a Discourse topic. To see it in action, check out this topic. We will continue answering all your questions wherever they might be coming from - Slack, Discourse, StackOverflow, GitHub issues - we are here to support you. But we encourage everyone to submit at least one question via Discourse, see if you like the format, and give us feedback. See you in Discourse and here in S!
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