:wave: Hello Everyone!  We have been getting requ...
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👋 Hello Everyone!  We have been getting requests for infrastructure support and wanted to make sure everyone knows how to get in touch with the Prefect Professional Services Team!  The team marvin duck is available for general advisement or jumping in with hands on keyboard to increase your bandwidth! Here’s what we’ve been working on: • Build and deploy cloud infrastructure 🛠️ • Infrastructure design and implementation of Prefect execution environments • General architecture review and advisement 🏗️ • Deployment and modification of Prefect flows • Code reviews - 1:1 and in the GitOps process prefect duck • Technical trainings in support of adoption and integration of Prefect Please feel free to add time to our calendar or send us an email cs@prefect.io to discuss pricing and how we can help!  Happy Engineering! P
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This is totally awesome, Anthony and team. It’s providing what customers really want — one stop shopping.