:wave: Hey everyone! The :prefect::pizza: Giveawa...
# announcements
👋 Hey everyone! The P🍕 Giveaway yesterday was a smashing success - thanks to everyone for your contributions towards making the start of Launch Week great. We fed over 100 people by sending pies from (when possible) locally owned pizza places - for free! We also sent out swag shipments to international addresses that we couldn't order pizza for. The thread was great! Our prompt on Twitter was for users to mention a project that they contributed to. The first open source project tagged on Twitter was actually a Minecraft project, and we had mentions of a variety of other notable projects including: Fugue, Airbyte 🦑, FastAPI, Pangeo Data, Materialize, dbt and more. Sending out pizza isn't just about a giveaway. Yesterday we announced our Pizza Patrol program, where we will provide pizza & drinks for open source meetups around the world. We want to help support the open source community, and what better way than by removing the obstacle of providing food for a meetup? To arrange for some pizza, all you have to do is let us know about your meetup. We've got more exciting stuff happening every day this week, including an announcement this afternoon. Stay tuned, it's going to be 🍌s!
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