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03/15/2022, 8:32 PM
šŸ‘‹ Hey everyone! On the heels of P Core stabilizing as Prefect 1.0, we are excited to introduce Prefect 2.0, powered by Orion, our second-generation orchestration engine! We will continue to develop Prefect 2.0 on the
branch of the
repo. Both the Orion engine and Prefect 2.0 as a whole will remain under active development in beta for the next several months, with a number of major features yet to come. Thank you for your feedback through the technical preview and please continue to provide feedback through the beta phase! Today's release, 2.0b1, includes some exciting additions: ā€¢ Flows and deployments are now represented in the UI! If you've ever created a deployment without a schedule, you know it can be difficult to find that deployment in the UI. Flows and their deployments now have a dedicated home šŸ  on the growing left sidebar navigation. ā€¢ With the 2.0a13 release, we introduced work queues, which could only be created through the CLI. Now, you can create and edit work queues directly from the UI, then copy, paste, and run a command that starts an agent that pulls work from that queue. ā€¢ We're rolling out Collections, groupings of pre-built tasks and flows used to quickly build data flows with Prefect. Learn more about them in the the docs, with more info to come later this week! ā€¢ We also introduced profiles in the last release. We think you'll want to use more than one. Now, you can switch your active profile with
prefect profile use <name>
Check out the release notes for more information. ...but wait there's more billy mays Getting started with Prefect 2.0 is now even easier with Prefect Cloud 2.0, which has just been made available as a public beta. We'll tell the rest of the world šŸŒŽ later this week, but we wanted to start with this community, without which it wouldn't have been possible ā¤ļø. You can create a personal account for free, which will stay free forever. If you've been waiting to try out the Orion engine powering Prefect 2.0, now is the time do it!
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