Our last announcement of the day, and we're offici...
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Our last announcement of the day, and we're officially 4/5ths of the way through Launch Week (don't worry, we'll recap everything at the end of the day tomorrow): Recipes! 🎉 💥 Recipes are available in the customer-success-recipes repo within the Prefect HQ Github! This will be a place where our Customer Success team will create and host “recipes” related to the deployment and execution of P. A few recipes that are already live are: • Terraform code to deploy the Prefect Agent on AWS EC2, EKS, and ECS • Sample flows around Airbyte 🦑 & DBT dbt orchestration • GitHub Action workflows to dynamically register flows upon closed pull requests There are currently 14 of recipes in there today, with plans to add many more over the coming weeks. Please feel free to request specific recipes via GitHub Issues.
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The receipt emoji is basically a recipe emoji IMO
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NOT SO FAST @Chris Reuter, LAUCH WEEK WAITS FOR NO MAN. Prefectionists - thank you for jumping into Prefect 2.0b1 with such enthusiasm 🎉! Based on the feedback we've heard so far, @Zanie and team have cut a release with some minor enhancements: • Docker flow runners can connect to local API applications on Linux without binding to
. • Adds
method to flows allowing override of settings e.g. the task runner. ...and a few fixes as well: • The CLI no longer displays tracebacks on successful exit. • Returning pandas objects from tasks does not error. • Flows are now listed correctly in the UI dashboard. You can learn more in the release notes. Keep the feedback coming - its the fuel that drives Prefect 2.0's development! 🚀
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