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Chris Reuter

03/16/2022, 1:59 PM
👋 Happy Wednesday all! We are right in the midst of an exciting 🚀 Launch Week 🚀! Over the past two days we announced Pizza Patrol, Prefect 2.0 beta availability and - if you didn't notice - we made Prefect Cloud 2.0 available to our community exclusively yesterday. Today is Community Day! To kick today off, we’re excited to announce Club 42 - Prefect’s new ambassador program. Club 42 is comprised of Prefect community members who have all deployed and used Prefect extensively. These ambassadors are Prefect experts who can help the community by answering questions unique to their expertise, creating content and organizing events & meetups. Our ultimate goal is to help our P community - and the broader data & open source communities - to thrive. Club 42 members will contribute towards achieving that goal. We are really committed to helping our community in any way possible: you can read more about that in our blog here. 📣 Shoutout to our founding Club 42 members and thanks to all of you for helping us get this program off the ground. If you’re interested in joining or want to learn more, check out our new Club 42 landing page at
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