Hi there! I reported this issue awhile back but I ...
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Hi there! I reported this issue awhile back but I wasn’t sure if a bug was filed. Does anyone know about this? https://prefect-community.slack.com/archives/CL09KU1K7/p1601577210329700?thread_ts=1601558767.283400&cid=CL09KU1K7
Hi @Kevin Weiler - I can see a ticket was created. Let me look into it for you.
thanks @Jenny! I know about this ticket, but it’s closed and this issue is probably scoped to the ui project/codebase.
I can probably get a compose-based repro for you if you want
Just confirming you're still seeing this issue? Can you let me know what version you're on? And what date you see for your latest ui update if you open the side nav in the ui
still seeing this on
- nav shows
NOV 30
I would have expected your issue to have been addressed by #295 and #360 Can you update your prefect version to something higher than 0.13.13? You may also need to clear you cache on the browser.
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Hi @Kevin Weiler - it looks like Marvin automatically closed that issue for some reason... sorry about that! Nevertheless, I think the issue you were seeing was addressed as @Jenny mentioned; let me know if you're still seeing it after an upgrade.
thanks @Jenny @nicholas - I actually meant to say that I was running
(in a test env as of today) and still saw the error - but I was wrong - after I cleared my cace it’s looking good!
Ha ha! I did wonder about that version. But glad to hear that it's working for you now.