Hello :wave: question. I have a mapped task with 8...
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Hello 👋 question. I have a mapped task with 8 runs in it. 2/8 tasks are hung (the dask-workers aren’t responding anymore) but I don’t want to cancel the entire flow and re-run it. What is supposed to happen when I set the task state of these 2/8 to Resume? They are then automatically progressed to Submitted. but never picked up by a worker for execution?
Hey @Alexander van Eck, great question. Let me look into that for you
Hey @Alexander van Eck a few clarifying questions • Do you want these two tasks to re-run? • Is the flow still running? If so, are any other tasks in the flow still running?
If the dask workers aren't responding, the 2 task runs will be submitted to the workers but will never be able to execute
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I think I’ve just solved it!
I set the two task runs to Resume, then killed those dask-worker processes manually. Dask then spun up two new workers and the tasks started executing. 🙌
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