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What should be done to register a flow to prefect cloud? I got error "Malformed response received from Cloud - please ensure that you are authenticated".
Hi @David Yang, it sounds like you need to make an API key and authenticate with
prefect auth login --key API_KEY
Nice. It works. Thanks a lot!
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BTW, how to run tasks in parallel? I would like these two "EL data source" run in parallel and then run "load_snowflake" task. although I set the dependencies, It seems that it runs extract_DS1 first and then extract_DS2, then load_snowflake. @task def extract_DS1(): pass @task def extract_DS2(): pass @task def load_snowflake(Source1,Source2): pass @task def notify(message): pass # Configure extra environment variables for this flow, # and set a custom working directory with Flow( "DavidEDWFlow" ) as flow: flow.run_config = LocalRun( env={"DEV": "1"}, working_dir="C:/Development/prefect-poc" ) rs = extract_DS1() ebs = extract_DS2() loadtwo = load_snowflake(rs,ebs) notification = notify("done") # flow.set_dependencies( # task=loadtwo, # upstream_tasks=[rs,ebs]) flow.set_dependencies( task=notification, upstream_tasks=[loadtwo]) flow.register(project_name="EDW")
The default executor is a Sequential Executor. To get parallelism, you need to use the
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flow.executor = LocalDaskExecutor()
awesome. Thanks a lot. It runs in parallel.
Of course!