Shaun Cutts

08/23/2020, 2:38 PM
Implementing experimental server helm chart; more questions: 5. src/config.toml -- Where is this used? Should I be rebuilding it using a config map? It would seem that it duplicates some settings passed as environment variables. hmm… is this just for the cli? [NB perhaps the server cli and the server itself should be split into separate repos.] EDIT — seems to be used in migrations — so initcontainer needs, at least. I guess I can use PREFECT__ … vars to overwrite anything necessary rather than having to compose in config map? E.g. PREFECT__DATABASE__PASSWORD can be configured as env mounted from secret. 5a. what about services/hasura/config.yaml … does this endpoint need to be overwritten with configured containerPort? Should it use FQDN or is it purely for loopback? Hmm… I guess this is baked into the Dockerfile for hasura, so presumably should be left as is, and the containerPort should be fixed at 3000, and we should use the service port to configure external access. 6. postgresql connection config — (see #2, above) Could we go to using PGHOST, PGPORT, etc, and have the various db drivers use a “default connection” or have the various applications construct their own connection string if that doesn’t work? I can compose a connection url in a helm template, but I shouldn’t be putting the password in it. And if you are also constructing from pieces (e.g. in config.toml) then this would be the easiest default way to converge.