Implementing experimental helm chart: - graphql an...
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Implementing experimental helm chart: • graphql and towel have “PREFECT_SERVER__HASURA__ADMIN_SECRET” in environment. Is this an actual secret that I should be mounting in the environment? What is its form? How come the “hasura” container doesn’t have it itself? Is it written by hasura container — so perhaps it should be a shared volume? (RW hasura, RO by the other two)? • What would be sensible defaults for pod resources for: {hasura, graphql, towel, apollo, ui}?
@Shaun Cutts good questions - the admin secret is unnecessary and was likely just forgotten (and therefore an empty env var)
I don’t have a great answer offhand for resources, but in our experience all pods are quite resource-efficient. You could start very small and it would work fine