Hey guys, I'm kinda struggling to set up a Prefect...
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Hey guys, I'm kinda struggling to set up a Prefect on our company server. So it's running and all that, but I had to setup a reverse proxy (Nginx) as well, so that people can access the UI via standard https at 443 and at a company subdomain (internal that is). The UI itself is accessible, but it's trying to make REST API requests to which is obviously not working. Is there any env setting I can use to make it understand it should use https://prefect.internal.company.com/api instead? I couldn't find anything on that topic anywhere 😞 Thanks!
From my understanding, there was a setting for this in Prefect 1 for GraphQL, but I can't find anything for v2
Ok so obviously, after searching for hours, I found the solution 2 minutes after I asked. The env variable I was looking for is
. Unfortunately, I don't think it's documented anywhere. Maybe there could be a guide on how to deploy Prefect on a production environment? I'd be happy to help with that
Hi! You can see a list of all Prefect settings by running
prefect config view --show-defaults
. It sounds like you found what you needed already, though. I agree that additional documentation around deploying Prefect Orion behind a reverse proxy would be useful, because it will commonly be deployed that way. Was this the only issue you ran into when running it this way?
Pretty much, I think. What I did is I put some basic reverse proxy headers into Ansible which then did the deployment trick, including deploying Prefect in a venv, and it was kinda working I believe
Anyway thanks for responding. I'd be happy to share the entire process with you if it could shed some light on how to (probably) do the reverse proxy magic semi-properly 🙂
I know other people had some issues with that as well, at least according to the github issues 😞
Anything you can share would be great! Part of what I do here is creating guide and recipes that help people set up and use Prefect - so hearing about how you are using Prefect would be very helpful.
Sure thing 🙂 I'll set up a reminder tomorrow after work and I'll try to put it into something coherent. Thanks!
You're welcome! I look forward to hearing more about your Prefect setup.