# prefect-ui

Jonathan Pou

08/25/2022, 1:16 AM
Does happen to be down? For the last 20min, I've been trying to access the main page via browser (Firefox and Chrome) on my computer as well as from my phone (Safari) and I happen to be stuck on the loading screen.

Grant Harris

08/25/2022, 1:17 AM
It’s down for me as well

Ryan Brennan

08/25/2022, 1:39 AM
Down for me too

Jacob Blanco

08/25/2022, 1:54 AM
Down here as well

Chris White

08/25/2022, 2:01 AM
Hey folks thank you for alerting us, it appears a certificate was not properly rotated preventing the login screen from loading; the API is still alive and healthy, so all interactions with it will go smoothly but the UI is down until we can rotate this cert. I’ll update our status page and let you know when it’s back online!
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OK we should be back in business — thanks again everyone!
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