How can be the start_time is null ? even though th...
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How can be the start_time is null ? even though the flow_run and task_run was success, any possible reasons for this ? or it is some edge case problem while writing to database ?
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Hi Priyank, Are you using prefect server, or prefect cloud? It’s certainly a possibility failing to write to database
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+1 to Boyd - this should default to now() for unscheduled runs so could be some transient issue or edge case for scheduled runs, I found out from here that
, reflects that sth is likely to run in the future but at an indeterminate time = Paused state
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if you are on Cloud with audit logs and want to dive deeper, perhaps you can investigate this flow run ID to check how the final state has been set for this run - you can also share the flow run ID and let us check this (works only if you are on Cloud though)
We are using prefect server, and ig I got the answer, thanks for the info.
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