Good morning dear prefect community. What is the b...
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Good morning dear prefect community. What is the best and suggested way to update existing deployments, if the parameter schema changes? Let's say I want to add a parameter, my workflow is: 1. Add parameter to flow 2. Run prefect deployment build 3. Add new parameter value to deployment.yaml 4. Run prefect deployment apply However, the UI never updates and never shows the new parameter. As a workaround, as step 2, I delete the deployment before recreating it - is this the preferred way at the moment - or am I missing something?
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Hmm. It should update, Andreas. Edit. I think I recreated the problem.
I don’t think you should have to delete the deployment, but that’s a good work around at the moment. 🙂 Looks like a bug. I don’t see an issue that matches. Are you able open an issue in the repo?
Thanks Jeff. I opened an issue, I hope the description is appropriate:
Awesome @Andreas Nigg! Thanks so much!
I found the same issue here.....if i update the flow with parameter change, the parameter shown in the frontend won't update, but the actual execution will indeed use the updated one
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