Hi. I wonder what the field name for the flow-run-...
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Hi. I wonder what the field name for the flow-run-name / unique-animal-names is. If I knew its field name this could help searching, also inside the code. Next question would be: How can I set it, I'd like to set my own silly-unique-names instead of these. Is there just a keyword parameter for it? And if there is no easy way, what is the hard way? Can I swap / hack / override some function or module? What is the module / function that creates the names. In my project it could be helpful to set this field to something more useful. Thank you!
I would also be interested in how to retrieve the value from inside a flow.
I believe the property is called name!
client.create_flow_run_from_deployment(deployment_id=deployment_id, name=run_name, parameters=parameters) Hmm, you can use the above when calling create_flow_run_from_deployment. Not sure it's quite as easy when executing subflows.
Thank you @Oscar Björhn I will try this solution