Hi! Posted it also on the data tricks and tips cha...
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Hi! Posted it also on the data tricks and tips channel but I see here there is more activity. ---- I am pretty new to Prefect, Metaflow and other MLOPS platforms (have a strong theoretical and MLE background though). I am now in part of a team of MLEs to perform hyper-param optimization experiments and general ML experiments. As you all know, these experiments are really hard to quantify and I have been looking the past 2 weeks at MLOPS frameworks to help us out with quantifying everything. Hence, I landed with the semi-decision to use Prefect on a AWS backend. How hard is the configuration part ? Can I expect it to be set up by myself over the weekend ? What are the typical costs incurred by my AWS Backend (VMs/ Buckets etc). And is it useful for my use case : I want to perform hyper-parameter optimization experiments and new model experiments - be able to see which configuration of parameters has the best results? And quickly deploy it ?
What do you mean by a quick setup on AWS? Setting up agent to be used with Cloud?
And in the future please decide about the channel you want to post and create only one thread We'll respond if we can, no need for multiple requests
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and for AWS cost calculation, check out https://calculator.aws/#/
Yes, I mean setting up an agent on AWS. Well, yes, I was just curious to know if somebody has any hands on experience regarding these costs. Like if they ran experiments or projects with prefect and maybe they could share their opinions
I am just concerned that after setting up prefect I won`t be able to run experiments for really large grid searches with Prefect. Has anybody any experience regarding that ? Because usually we would need large EC2 instances
you would need to estimate costs based on your needs and workload you estimate if you need more guidance with any pricing estimates, you can reach out to sales@prefect.io