Hey, I haven't managed to find anything similar to...
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Hey, I haven't managed to find anything similar to how you have separate flow domains with
in prefect 1.0, in prefect 2.0. Is that something that exists and I'm just missing it? I see workspaces but that's a different paradigm..
Tags are supposed to provide the same, or even better separation between projects - e.g. assigning a tag on a deployment allows you to not only filter for that tag in the flow run view but also to run separate work queue agents for that specific tag
Right, but that would mean having to deploy tag specific infrastructure too, right? Like a queue per tag? I just ask because I have all my flows separated into different repos relating to the project they reside in.
Thinking if I need to change that for my 2.0 migration
not necessarily - you can have generic tags for work queues - say "dev" and "prod", and then additional project-specific tags say "ml-project-Q3-2022"
to clarify more: your work queue can only have the tag "dev", but your deployment may have 3 other tags related to your project or team or flow owner, but the dev agent will still pick it up as long as the "dev" tag is set on the deployment
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