> Since API keys can be used across tenants if ...
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Since API keys can be used across tenants if linked to a user account, you may also pass a tenant:
What are the difference between "Tenants" and "Workspaces"? I might not fully understand those 2 keywords the right way
Can I have multiple tenants in my config file using the same (or not) API key?
So i believe in the auth.toml file you add in your user creds and a user can be added to tenant
Do you have an example ? Because I cannot achieve that with the CLI. It will always override it and I can only have one set of credentials so far ...
err.... I meant that rather than added multiple user creds to your auth.toml, rather you would invite that single user to multiple tenants. I haven't tried using multiple user creds, so I am not srue on that one, but I can look into it/try it right now
rather you would invite that single user to multiple tenants
How is that achievable?
Typically when I invite someone I just log into cloud go to team and click invite. Then add their email associated with the account. That's probably the easiest way to do it
You can invite a user even if they are already added to a different tenant
That's what I did but are the service_accounts (or api_keys) per tenant or global per user?
So yeah it sounds like I need to choose a specific tenant when creating an api_key. Which is very inconvenient when I do
prefect auth login
This is why I don't understand how I could make
prefect auth switch-tenants
working 🤷
So I've never had issues with using the
prefect auth switch-tenants.
It should work if your user is invited to the tenant and you accept the invite. I think the tenant that you select is just the default tenant
Is this merely an issue of wanting to understand how it works or is the switch-tenants command not working for you?
the latter
So I guess I need to create multiple API Keys for the same user? 🤔 This is pretty confusing
And why a user could not reuse the same api_key to connect to multiple tenants?
hmmm... let me get back to you on this
thanks 🙏
Real quick could you try running
prefect auth login -k {proto-tenant key}
and then after that run
prefect auth list-tenants
What is
{proto-tenant key}
Another API key I generate on the proto tenant for my account?
I now see the 3 of them even I only create an api_key for the staging one 🤔 Confusing
I can switch between them now but don't understand why I need to specify a tenant when I create a new api_key ...
the reason why you need to specify a tenant is to associate that key with a tenant. You can change the default tenant by running
prefect auth switch-tenant
though. Try switching tenants now, it should work