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07/27/2022, 9:10 PM
šŸ‘‹ Hey Prefectionists! We're thrilled to announce that Prefect 2.0 has exited its public beta and and Prefect Cloud 2.0 has launched in general availability! šŸš€ (Re)Introducing Prefect Hopefully, this release comes as no surprise. It is the culmination of nearly a year of building in public and incorporating your feedback. Even still, the Prefect 2.0 release is just the latest step in a journey that goes much further. Prefect 2.0 is the most Pythonic, dynamic orchestrator ever - but orchestration alone is just one of many needs that the modern data stack demands. With recent enhancements that enable you to leverage the simplicity of Prefect 2.0's observability, without handing over control of your dataflows to the orchestration engine, Prefect 2.0 is the first coordination plane - a single layer that enables you to observe, alert, orchestrate, and respond to dataflows between and across applications. Learn more in our announcement post, (Re)Introducing Prefect: The Global Coordination Plane Immediate changes With this release, the following changes have taken effect: ā€¢ Prefect 2.0 is now the default version of the open source framework provided upon installation ā€¢ The Starter tier of the Prefect Cloud 2.0 platform is available for purchase. Contact us for more information about the Growth and Enterprise tiers. All of the URLs for Prefect Cloud 1.0, Prefect Cloud 2.0, and our documentation is unchanged or will redirect: ā€¢ Cloud 1.0 ā—¦ Application will remain at ā—¦ API will remain at ā—¦ Documentation is now hosted at ā€¢ Cloud 2.0 ā—¦ Application is now hosted at ā—¦ API is now hosted at ā—¦ Documentation is now hosted at We will continue to support both Prefect 1.0 and Prefect Cloud 1.0. Upgrading from Prefect 1.0 Flows written with Prefect 1.0 will require modifications to run with Prefect 2.0. If you're using Prefect 1.0, please see our guidance on discourse for explicitly pinning your Prefect version in your package manager and Docker, so that you can make the transition to Prefect 2.0 when the time is right for you. See our migration guide to learn more about upgrading Upgrading from earlier versions of Prefect 2.0 We have shipped a lot of breaking changes to Prefect 2.0 over the past week. Most importantly, recent changes to deployments require that schedules for all previously created deployments be turned off and their upcoming runs be deleted. You can learn more about the changes via the deployments concept documentation, the tutorial, or the discourse guide.
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Anna Geller

07/27/2022, 9:24 PM
You're gonna love the new way of creating deployments!
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