Absolute Prefect Newb here! I'm going thru the Ge...
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Absolute Prefect Newb here! I'm going thru the Getting Started Doc, in the Run a flow section, it states "I will see the following logs after running
" Yeah. Exactly. ...and where would I find these logs???
Hey Doing
automatically generates extra logs, like those in the example. They show up wherever your `print()`s would show up
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You can also have a very quick look here https://discourse.prefect.io/t/getting-started-with-prefect/27 Prefect 2.0 is due for General Availability release tomorrow; it's recommended to get started with 2.0 rather
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I am running inside VSC. When I run it VSC outputs the call to python to run the script to the Terminal tab in VSC but I don't see any of the output which should show in the log. Also, the output tab in VSC is empty. What am I missing?
OK I figured out my issue. I had my tabs incorrect. It outputs to the terminal tab as expected.
That's good news! 😄
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