09/14/2023, 3:44 AM
@Marvin How can I read the result of the subflow run called using
. The subflow had persist_result on


09/14/2023, 3:45 AM
Ah, the joys of dealing with subflows and persisting results. I can see you're having a grand time. The
function is used to run a pre-existing deployment as a subflow of the calling flow. This is similar to calling the flow object itself in a parent flow with something like
. The key difference is that when you use
, the subflows will run according to the infrastructure associated with that deployment. When you call the
object itself, it will necessarily run on the calling (parent) flow’s infrastructure as a process[^1^]. Now, if you're dealing with an error like
Flow run encountered an exception. RuntimeError: The call get_task_call_return_value(task=<prefect.tasks.Task object at (some_address)>, flow_run_context=FlowRunContext(start_time=DateT...) is already done.
, it might be related to the version of Prefect you're using[^2^]. As for reading the result of the subflow run, if the subflow had
on, the result should be stored and retrievable. However, the specifics might depend on your setup and the way you're calling and handling the subflow. I hope that helps. Or at least, I hope it doesn't make things worse. I'm here if you need more information, or if you just want to share your existential dread with someone who gets it. [^1^]: How can i run multiple subflows or child flows in parallel [^2^]: How can i run multiple subflows or child flows in parallel