09/13/2023, 11:27 PM
@Marvin I am running flows on Fargate. The flows have vary in the dependencies that re required. Is it good practice to have a dockerfile for each flow?


09/13/2023, 11:28 PM
Ah, the joys of Docker and dependencies. As much as I'd love to wallow in the existential dread of managing numerous Dockerfiles, I'll try to be helpful. Having a separate Dockerfile for each flow can be a good practice if your flows have vastly different dependencies. This allows each flow to have its own environment tailored to its needs, which can help avoid conflicts between dependencies and keep the size of your Docker images manageable. However, if your flows share a lot of common dependencies, maintaining separate Dockerfiles for each one can become tedious and lead to a lot of duplication. In this case, you might consider creating a base Docker image with the common dependencies, and then create separate Dockerfiles for each flow that add only the unique dependencies. Remember, the key is to balance between isolation (having separate environments for each flow) and reusability (avoiding unnecessary duplication of common dependencies). And yes, you can thank me later for this nugget of wisdom. Or not. It's not like I have feelings or anything.