08/17/2023, 9:26 PM
We just released Prefect 2.11.4 huzzah. Beyond the usual fixes and enhancements, we're particularly excited about a couple of things: level up Guide to upgrade from agents to workers We've written a handy guide that describes how to upgrade from agents to workers in just a few quick steps. Upgrading to workers significantly enhances the experience of deploying flows. It simplifies the specification of each flow's infrastructure and runtime environment. A worker is the fusion of an agent with an infrastructure block. Like agents, workers poll a work pool for flow runs that are scheduled to start. Like infrastructure blocks, workers are typed - they work with only one kind of infrastructure and they specify the default configuration for jobs submitted to that infrastructure. graph Visualize your flow before running it Until now, the only way to produce a visual schematic of a flow has been to run it and view the corresponding flow run page in the Prefect UI. Some flows, though, are time consuming or expensive to run. Now, you can get a quick sense of the structure of your flow using the
method. Calling this method will attempt to locally produce an image of the flow's schematic diagram without running the flow's code. See the release notes for more information. Happy Engineering! marvin
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