07/20/2023, 9:04 PM
📣 We're excited to announce Prefect 2.11.0! This release includes a couple of exciting additions: Work pools and workers are now generally available 💪 Prefect workers and work pools expose rich configuration of their infrastructure. Every work pool type has a base configuration with sensible defaults such that you can begin executing work with just a single command. The infrastructure configuration is fully customizable from the Prefect UI. There are now work pools for every major infrastructure type, including Kubernetes, AWS Elastic Container Service, Azure Container instances, Docker, Google Cloud Run, Kubernetes, and more! Flow pages now include graphs and stats 📈 Each flow page now includes summary graphs and statistics of it's recent flow runs, task runs, and (in prefect Cloud) related events. Check out the release notes for more information about other enhancements and fixes.
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