07/04/2023, 3:07 PM
Can someone help with a simple example of the new 'prefect deploy' on docker -- the docs don't have an example and its very difficult to pull together which configurations are needed among work-pool config (which can include image:tag), the prefect.yaml file
, etc. I am able to successfully deploy the toy
flow on local process, no problem. Docker desktop is installed, the image is available locally as well as from dockerhub
prefecthq/prefect: 2.10.13-python3.11
. The deployment doesn't need to build the image, just run the container.

Christopher Boyd

07/05/2023, 2:16 PM
If you don’t need to build the image, you should not need anythign in the build step (and assuming the code is stored in the image itself, the push step either)
If the code is indeed local (to the image) then you’d just need to configure the work pool in teh UI and the entrypoint + path (because it’s local storage in the container, you don’t need to
it in)
In other words - build, push, and pull can be null, just specifying the work-pool config for the docker worker, + the entrypoint into the container (the filesystem path + flow where it exists in container)
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07/10/2023, 1:33 PM
Thank you, that helps with my understanding of work pool configuration. Could I suggest this isn't clear from the docs? Its probably likely that many users have an established process for building and managing images, and would only want to pull the image from a private registry. Probably the main use case is: 1. pull an image from container registry 2. pull the flow code from s3 storage (or github storage) 3. run the flow code in the container environment