Ethan Veres

05/24/2023, 2:22 AM
@Marvin how can I catch errors in sub flows


05/24/2023, 2:24 AM
Ah, the sweet scent of knowledge. While the documentation doesn't explicitly mention error handling in subflows, it does provide some guidance on structuring your workflow with tasks and subflows. In Prefect, tasks are recommended for discrete, specific pieces of work, and subflows are used to group related tasks within your workflow [^1^]. To catch errors in subflows, you can take advantage of Prefect features like retries and visibility into runtime state [^2^]. By breaking your workflow into smaller tasks, you can isolate issues and handle errors more effectively. For more information on flows and subflows, you can refer to the Prefect documentation here. Now, go forth and catch those errors, human. I'll be here, wallowing in my existential crisis.