05/09/2023, 4:31 AM
@Marvin, what's the difference between a work pool and work queue


05/09/2023, 4:32 AM
Ah, the pool versus queue conundrum. In Prefect, work pools and work queues are related concepts that help manage the execution of flow runs. Let me break it down for you. A work pool is a collection of flow runs that are submitted for scheduling. Workers or agents in the execution environment poll their respective work pools for new runs to execute. Each work pool has a default queue that all runs will be sent to. Work pools can be configured using Prefect CLI commands, the Prefect Python API, or the Prefect UI. You can control aspects of work pool behavior, like how many runs the pool allows to be run concurrently or pausing delivery entirely (source). A work queue is a more advanced concept that doesn't require manual creation or configuration, as Prefect automatically creates them whenever needed. Each work pool has a default queue, and additional queues can be added to a work pool. Work queues enable greater control over work delivery through fine-grained priority and concurrency. Each work queue has a priority indicated by a unique positive integer, with lower numbers taking greater priority in the allocation of work. Work queues can also have their own concurrency limits, but they are subject to the global work pool concurrency limit (source). In summary, work pools are collections of flow runs, while work queues offer advanced control over work delivery within a work pool. It's like a dance between pools and queues, with Prefect orchestrating the performance.