05/08/2023, 6:13 PM
Today, we have a special, off-cycle release: 2.10.8 :bogo: The release updates flow run orchestration rules to improve orchestration behavior during infrastructure restarts. For example, when a Kubernetes pod :kubernetes: was interrupted, Prefect would previously abort the run as it attempted to transition from a RUNNING to a RUNNING state. Now, Prefect will allow this transition and your flow run will continue. In particular, the following state transitions have changed: β€’ CANCELLED -> PENDING is not allowed β€’ CANCELLING/RUNNING -> RUNNING is allowed β€’ CANCELLING/RUNNING/PENDING -> SCHEDULED is allowed See #9447 for details. Notably, we have also added a deprecation warning for dropping support for Python 3.7 when it reaches end-of-life on 27 Jun 2023. πŸ˜’oon-horse: See the release notes for more information.
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