Any recommendations on the best way to handle stat...
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Any recommendations on the best way to handle statefulness between flow runs and tasks. I’m looking to make a flow which executes many steps fault tolerant in case a particular task and/or step fails. Tools such as temporal handle this well, but requires a lot of heavy lifting to implement. I’m wondering if there is a best practice approach available within Prefect. Use Case: I have a pipeline which contains many tasks that updates a Database record as it progresses through the flow. A failure during this workflow would leave a record in a potentially broken state where a status has been updated, but has not progressed to a subsequent step. A re-run of this flow without proper statefulness could potentially render this record as broken forever without manual intervention to reset the record.
1. Is not updating the record each step of the way an option? 2. Use a staging table with a column that is only set when all tasks for it succeed. If the record was successfully handled, this will be marked, and you can update your destination table.
Very true this could be an option and likely will be the option I select, but I was curious if there was state management built into prefect itself for more lower level tasks.
As in something I can depend on outside of the data warehouse
d Go to the
class and read into parameter
. It is passed the context and parameters given a state is met.
I really haven't messed with states, but I also see on_completion and on_failure parameters in
. Maybe look here as well, see if they help