Hi Team, I'm trying to figure out a way to get al...
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Hi Team, I'm trying to figure out a way to get all flow logs stored locally OR on an s3 bucket, is there a way we can do that? Im on Prefect UI
You can configure logging using the
file for full customization
Thanks Zanie. Sorry I ran into another problem. When changing the PREFECT_LOGGING_SETTINGS_PATH variable, I accidentally changed it to an inaccessible path, and now I cant do prefect config unset because its saying the logging path is invalid. Any tips on getting back to default?
😄 You can edit the ~/.prefect/profiles.yaml file
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We should probably add a way to ignore bad settings in a profile so you can unset them
Thanks I figured it out! I was wondering if I could use get_run_logger() to get the logging instance, and use FileHandler to write all of the logs to a file? This includes local logs and ones generated from prefect flows. We want to essentially save all the flows logs we see from Prefect UI (Flow -> runs tab)