When setting up an automation in Prefect 2 cloud, ...
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When setting up an automation in Prefect 2 cloud, is there a way to test to make sure it works? Or would you just have to wait for the event to happen to trigger it
More specifically I am trying to make sure the slack notification triggers if one of my agents in a work queue goes from healthy to unhealthy
Hey @John Mizerany were you able to sort this out, the simplest way to test this would be just to kill the agent process wherever your agent is running to make sure that it triggers the notification, for simplicities sake you should be able to run an agent locally on your machine to test this.
@Mason Menges There was some events that started flowing through! I actually ran into another issue with automations with the UI
I posted it here: https://prefect-community.slack.com/archives/C0192RWGJQH/p1677535321895869 Not sure if this is a wider issue or not, or if the event is just taking a while to load