<@U01CEUST9B5> Pls can anyone help, I added the gi...
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@Zanie Pls can anyone help, I added the github and docker blocks to prefect deployment build command, and I get this error on the agent "_alembic_tmp_deployment" when I run a deployment via the UI. sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) table _alembic_tmp_deployment already exists [SQL: CREATE TABLE _alembic_tmp_deployment ....] I am using the latest prefect version. I dont get any error if i remove the blocks from the deployment command.
Hi @Segun Adelowo Just a note, please avoid tagging members of Prefect directly if you're not in an active thread with them - the team only has so much bandwidth 🙂 as for your error, it looks like some sort of mismatch between your agent's version and your server version can you share the version you're using for each? (or if you're using cloud)
Hi @Nate Noted, thanks. 🙂 agent and server versions are both 2.8.2