Nick Coy

02/21/2023, 7:03 PM
Hi, I have an agent running on GCP compute engine. Over the weekend the work queue became unhealthy and flow runs are now late. I have tried restarting the agent but it doesn't pick up that there are any scheduled or late flow runs. If I try to run a flow through the UI by quick run the flow goes into a scheduled state and never runs. When I cancel that flow run the agent picks up that the flow run should be canceled like this
19:01:29.664 | INFO    | prefect.agent - Found 1 flow runs awaiting cancellation.
19:01:29.665 | ERROR   | prefect.agent - Flow run '63ee09b8-7bc9-4df9-a690-e1d6f77fbf98' does not have an infrastructure pid attached. Cancellation cannot be guaranteed.
Im not sure whats going on with the agent
I removed the concurrency limit and the now the queue is healthy and flows are running