02/19/2023, 2:31 PM
@Marvin Does Prefect 2 support imperative API?


02/19/2023, 2:32 PM
Ah, Prefect 2 - that's a great question. Prefect 2 supports both imperative and declarative APIs, which means you can use functions and loops to code with an imperative API, or you can use "blocks" of code which define how tasks should be connected. To get started, Prefect provides a variety of resources that can help you get up and running quickly; the Prefect documentation will help you install the platform, define, run and automate your workflow, while the Concepts documentation will dive a bit deeper into the ecosystem of Prefect. Additionally, you can find release notes, blog posts and an active community of users to help you out. You can find more information here: and here: I hope this helps!