Surat Mukker

02/18/2023, 1:03 AM
We are running orion behind a simple https proxy service, which is fronted by an AWS ALB. We updated our dev instance to 2.8.1 and are puzzled that when we access the UI through proxy service, we see Work Queues in the navigation bar, but when we access it directly we see the Work Pools in the navigation bar. There is no caching in the proxy and it is a simple pass through https Proxy, with an authentication step.<domain>:<port>/ui-settings returns
  "api_url": "<>",
  "flags": [
  "api_url": "<>",
  "flags": []
endpoint using both URLs returns the same settings. Have looked at the code in
that handles
but that does not explain why the response differs for
when going via proxy vs direct ? Any ideas ?
We are not setting any
flags are they are all using the default values.
This was an issue in our proxy code and has been resolved.