Hello. We're having UI problems. The first screens...
# prefect-ui
Hello. We're having UI problems. The first screenshot is the custom run tab for a flow without default values for parameters. As I type, my message is invisible (possibly, the font color is the same as the background filling). The second screenshot is for a flow with default values. So you see the default value in gray in project_name field field, but still when I start typing it becomes invisible. I can see my text if I only type numbers (like the variables field), or if I copy paste from VSCode (in the parameters field). In the case of numbers, if I start typing a character, the text disappears. I'm on google chrome Version 110.0.5481.104. I don't have dark mode or anything enabled. (If I'm not in the right place, please point me to the right direction. Thank you)
Hi @Mansour Zayer - thanks for flagging this. We are working on a fix to add visibility back. In the meantime if you toggle to dark mode you should have dull visibility in the code input boxes.